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What are you struggling with?

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response to this site, from random strangers approaching me at the ACEM2011 conference last year to the thankyou emails I receive.  And like anyone who’s got a budding blog with a growing membership, I toyed with the idea of running some ads, or approaching sponsors so I could start earning a bit of extra cash from the site, but for various reasons I recently decided not to go down that road.  The main reason is that I’d like to continue to give people who use this site what they need, how they need it, free from any marketing BS or outside influence.

So I’m now asking you the readers what you want from me, as I endeavour to bring useful content to those who are approaching the ACEM Fellowship Exam, or who have recently passed it, and to those who may be considering starting a career in Emergency Medicine.

What can I help you with? What are you struggling with? Do you need advice on study techniques? Textbook selection? How to integrate social media into your study routine?  Exam preparation?  Specific emergency medicine topics? Podcasts, more videos, or other multi-media content?  Or do you want some tips on trying to maintain work-life balance, choosing the right FACEM job, or (for those who’ve had enough and want to bail out of Emergency Medicine altogether) tips on career path selection or starting a business outside of medicine.

I’ve got loads of ideas for new content for this site, and will continue to post regulalry, but please feel free to get in touch and let me know what you’re struggling with, what’s causing you pain, and I’ll see if I can help by making the content more focussed on what you need.

Leave a comment (below), email me, or tweet me, and I look forward to helping you.


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Thanks for a great 2011! 600+ EDExam members!

Thanks to you all for your support of EDExam this year.  Since launching back in April we’ve had just over 600 members sign up from all over Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world.  2012 promises to be an exciting year in the medical webucation universe, and Emergency Medicine sites are at the forefront of this amazing field.  Stay tuned for more EDExam content designed to help you pass the ACEM Fellowship exam, and thanks again for your support.

Happy New Year!

Andy Buck

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Congratulations! You have successfully installed EasyBlog!

Thank you for making the right decision to start blogging in your Joomla! website.

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