Textbook Review: Toxicology Handbook (Murray, Daly, Little, Cadogan)

The Toxicology Handbook: Murray, Daly, Little & Cadogen is a “must-read” for the exam, and a “must have a copy on-hand at work”, locally written, up to date, concise, easy to read, chock-full of practical evidence based advice on Emergency Department toxicology gem. Phew! Can I say anyting else good about it?

Written by some of the leaders in the Australian toxicology and medical education scene, this small but detailed book contains just about everything you’ll need to know to pass the ACEM Fellowship exam tox questions, as well as manage a broad spectrum of toxicological emergencies in the ED. For some topics (for example – Paracetamol Overdose) you may want to look up an encyclopedia of toxicology like Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies just to get that little bit of extra detail, but given the sheer volume of what you need to read for the exam, it’s nice to have a succinct but detailed reference like the Toxicology Handbook on hand.

Each section is written in the same format, making it easy to skim through and find what you’re looking for, there’s sections on Approach to the Poisoned Patient, Specific Considerations (for a range of toxicological situations), Specific Toxins (in alphabetic order), Antidotes, (again, in alphabetic order), Envenomation, Antivenoms, as well as some useful appendices (containing things like the TCA overdose ECG and more!).

All up I’d give Toxicology Handbook: Murray, Daly, Little & Cadogen a 10/10. I would not have passed the Fellowship exam without it, and I’d strongly recommend you get yourself a copy, you will use it again, and again, and again.

NB: Kindle version now available if you want to read it on your iphone/ipad/e-book reader.

Toxicology Handbook – Kindle Edition

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