The ETM Course is coming to Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Queenstown

We are continuing to receive excellent feedback on the ETM Course.  ETM is becoming the new standard for trauma education for Australasian practitioners who manage injured patients.  In particular the resuscitation room management skills teaching you will receive on the course (i.e. how to team lead a critically ill case in resus) has been praised as being particularly useful for those about to sit the ACEM Fellowship Exam (as you will definitely get a resus case in the OSCE).  The team leading skills you learn on ETM will be directly applicable to the OSCE, regardless of whether your exam case is trauma or not!

We currently have courses listed in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Queensland over the remainder of 2016. Click here to see a list of course locations, dates and to register.

So don’t wait up to 2 years to do a trauma course.  

ETM has no waiting list.

And don’t fly overseas to do a trauma course that won’t teach you how we manage trauma in Australasian ED’s.

Come and do ETM.

The most practical, useful and relevant trauma course in Australasia.


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