To Have & To Hold: A Medical App Synopsis – reblog from Doctors Writing

I was lucky enough to chair the Social Media and Technology session at the ACEM2015 conference in Brisbane last week, and one of the speakers was Dr Viet Tran. He delivered a great synopsis of useful medical apps, and then posted it on his excellent site, Doctors Writing:

To Have & To Hold: A Medical App Synopsis

This is a great summary of the current crop of medical apps (and non-medical apps that are really useful) and I’d highly recommend anyone with a smart-phone (i.e. everybody) clicks on the link above and reads the full post.

Viet groups the apps he reviews into three categories:

  1. Point of Care: e.g. medical calculators and rapid reference texts
  2. Medical Education: e.g. RSS Feed aggregators for FOAMed sites
  3. Productivity: apps that will help you organise your medical/study/reference information, and your life!

If you suffer from “app-besity” (too many apps) you’ll potentially trim down your crop of apps after reading this, and if you want some great tips on new apps, then check it out. It’s the most useful summary of apps for medical folk I’ve seen.

Top App Tip: Read Cube


A revelation from Viet’s talk was Read Cube. It lets you log in to your hospital/university e-library, search PubMed articles, and then download the PDF article directly to the app! You can annotate the articles, file them in any way you want, and there’s also desktop versions so you can sync across devices. #Awesome.

Thanks Viet for granting permission to re-blog your talk/post!

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