EDExam Newsletter March 7th 2012

Hello from EDExam!

I’ve purposefully laid off the emails in the last few months, as I personally find it a bit annoying being bombarded with emails from websites I’ve subscribed to, but I thought it was time to drop you a line to say thanks for your ongoing support of EDExam.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of the great content we’ve added to the site in the last few months:

Summaries from the sessions I attended at the ACEM2011 Conference in Sydney, in November last year.

The inaugural EDExam Whiteboard Session: a digital whiteboard tutorial on WPW & AF

As far as content goes, there’s articles on Passive Learning, Fellowship exam textbook reviews, hot tips from some of the latest journals, procedural tips (including my Epsitaxis First Aid video), my manfesto on Managing the Obese Difficult Airway and more.

I’ve also added a “search” fucntion to the site in case there’s something specific you want to look up.

You can now also get your Fellowship (and Primary) exam textbooks directly from links on EDExam.  I’ve become an affiliate with Amazon (US) and Fishpond (Australian), and have gone through the Primary and Fellowship recommended texbook lists in the syllabus and put links to all of them on the site. I get a tiny percentage back as a commission (which will help keep EDExam running) and the books don’t cost you any more than if you went to these sites yourself, so it’s win-win. Click on any of the links in the right-hand column, or go to the “Buy Textbooks” link up the top.

Sadly the pass rates from the last exam were abysmal, (just over 50%), so please, if you are sitting the exam this year, or next year, and there’s something you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and I’ll see if I can help.

Thanks to everyone who introduced themselves to me at ACEM2011 (mostly in the morning coffee que!) and thanks for all the positive feedback on the site.

Keep checking back regularly, as I’ve got plenty more exciting content coming up in the next few months, and lastly, if you have sat the exam in the last 1-2 years and have notes or practice questions you’d like to donate/share, please email me andy@edexam.com.au and I’ll get them up on the site.


Andy Buck

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