ZDogg MD: An insightful look into specialty training and the system that turns us into zombies

Many of you will be familiar with ZDoggMD, the alter ego of US Physician Zubin Damania.  If you’re not I suggest you immediately leave this site and watch all of his videos!  Anyway ZDogg recently delivered a TED-MED talk that I think has huge relevance to those of you in the midst of specialty training.  In it he talks about the learned helplessness that comes from years of jumping through hoops, doing what you’re told and not challenging authority whilst studying medicine, so that when you come out the other end as a specialist, you don’t question the insanity of the system you’re working in. You just plod on as one of the army of medical zombies.  He goes on to talk about the choice he made to take a huge risk and leave the system for a new job with the Downtown Project team.  It’s an insightful, thought provoking and inspirational talk, from someone with a creative new vision of what healthcare can be.

Are you one of the army of medical zombies? What do you think makes medical people accept the insanity of the clearly broken system we train and work in?


Photo courtesy of: blog.eternalvigilance.me


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